“The capacity of human imagination has no limitation because there is no end to what our minds can comprehend.”- Chuma Obum (Entrepreneur, Author and Educator)
“Do not let your seeds of greatness die on the grounds of procrastination.”- Chuma Obum (Entrepreneur, Author and Educator)
“No matter how dark the night gets, hope is always renewed in the light that the morning begets.”- Chuma Obum (Entrepreneur, Author and Educator)
“In as much as there is no substitute for hard work, there is also no altitude like smart work.”- Chuma Obum (Entrepreneur, Author and Educator)
“Remove yourself from the comfort of your cozy confines, and you'll surely discover goldmines .”- Chuma Obum (Entrepreneur, Author and Educator)


Welcome to Truewords.com.ng where you’ll find healing words and inspiring quotes that you can reference or use to spur yourself to make positive changes in your personal, professional and spiritual life. Come here whenever you need a ‘pick me up’, and I promise that you’ll feel so much better,
Healingwords_Cover_Finalbecause, inherent in these quotations lies the very essence of my being-which is a strong advocacy for love, peace, hope, compassion, truth, excellence, success, personal development, and faith in God.
when you eventually obtain the desired lift from reading any one of our inspirational quotes, please share with your loved ones, co-workers, and others who you want to motivate.

Remember, “Caring is good, but Sharing is better than good.”Chuma Obum

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Author Picture
Maryann Idokogi Airport Admin/Logistics Officer at KLM Airlines

This book is a beautiful gift of encouragement and a strong voice for love, peace, goodness, self-belief and faith in God. It is an advocate for everything that is good and godly. The words contained in this book have a way of bypassing the head and going straight to the heart. They lend wings to spirit; in fact it can be said to be a ‘Pick Me Up’ for every time you need a lift.

Author Picture
Segun Oni - Professional Oil & Gas Geologist London, United Kingdom.

Healing words for the soul' is an excellent motivational book based on the authors life's experiences. I have found this quite insightful and challenging as I read through the pages on a regular basis. It is a handy and practical reference guide for everyday living!

Author Picture
Somi Obum: - Founder & MD Sabel Angels Ltd Lagos Nigeria.

We need people like you. People who don’t preach disaster but love; people who teach us the value of following the true light; people who make us realize the joys and unquenchable happiness we can obtain just by walking in God’s way; people who teach us to love our enemies; people who make us realize how poetic and lyrical worshiping God can be; people who show us the way to everlasting riches just by working for God… I can go on and on but the long and short is that, the World needs more people like you.

Lee-ann Govender Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg

Has anyone ever told you that you are the BEST?! You have no idea who much I look forward to reading your motivational quotes; they not only give out great tips that I never knew before nor did anyone ever tell me about, but they also pump my motivation to a level that I never imagined it would go! Thank you so much for everything

Author Picture
Ayodele Ojo

Profound and a must read.

Author Picture
Osikhenna Awudu - Program Manager at Yale Law School Connecticut, USA.

Healing Words for the Soul is packed full of inspiring verses that provoke deep reflection and stimulates the reader's inner-mind.

The structure of this literary gem is masterful. I found myself reading it carefully and pondering each line. It is certainly a most useful daily meditation guide.

Author Picture
Maryann Idokogi Airport Admin/Logistics Officer at KLM Airlines

This book is a beautiful gift of encouragement and a strong voice for love, peace, goodness, self-belief and faith in God. It is an advocate for everything that is good and godly. The words contained in this book have a way of bypassing the head and going straight to the heart. They lend wings to spirit; in fact it can be said to be a ‘Pick Me Up’ for every time you need a lift.

Author Picture
Mary Umolu Mary T. Umolu, Founder & Creative Director of Onikeke.com, and IT Consultant at the NSE Nigeria

Wow! Very profound work indeed...anyone reading and digesting this will recognize the work put into it and the talent it showcases. I have always been a great fan of words and I’m very envious of your gift of using them so beautifully. Interestingly, I read it several times and got something different each time, so I know it's a piece of work one will treasure for a long time. Well Done!

Author Picture
Waziri Igeh, Hashburton Properties Abuja, Nigeria

Truly your wise words bring strength to me each time am privileged to read them

Author Picture
Uche Oderinu - Founder & Creative Director of Sunshyn's Couture London

This book is life! I love how the author "Chuma Obum" uses words to lift ones spirit up and also makes scriptural references that serve as a guide to whatever storm one might be facing. His quotes are powerful... the book is insightful, truly motivational and inspiring. I recommend everyone has a copy.

Author Picture
Jazmine Sheela Communication Specialist and Journalist, USA

Healing Words for the Soul by Chum Obum is a Christian inspirational book that will leave you motivated in faith. This book is composed of Christian inspired poems that relate back to scriptures in the Bible. I loved the setup of this book. There are poems that the author relates back to scripture and then gives some inspirational quotes. I liked the messages that these poems give the reader. Chapter 2 Pray & Plow was probably my favorite. It’s easy for us to stray in our faith in the Lord, but we always find a way to make it back to him and his word. When God sees us pray and ask for forgiveness, God will answer our prayers and give us the tools that we need to make the right decision. Chapter 11 In His Bosom was particularly motivating as well. Nothing will happen in our faith if we don’t make the effort or try. If we just sit idly and don’t try to obtain God’s friendship, we can’t expect for him to be there for us. We need to seek God’s word and his friendship. We will get the ultimate power of freedom when we seek an intimate relationship with our creator. I loved the messages that this book sent us. It’s so easy to forget our faith and lose sight of who we are in this world. This book was inspiring and I will continue to reread a poem each day to feel motivated in my relationship with God.

Author Picture
Mr. Kehinde Olofinmoyin, Employee at Microsoft London, United Kingdom.

Like Chinua Achebe's: 'The Education of a British-Protected Child', Wole. Soyinka's: 'You must set forth at dawn' and Maya. Angelou's: 'Won't take nothing for my journey now' - this book is a coming of age of the author Chuma Obum. It's chapters and poem's, though short and unashamedly anchored to faith in the Bible; are perfect for wandering minds.

To the intending reader: Follow the book's suggestion to open your heart and read thoughtfully. My experience was that, going to a different place helped the message find me.

To Chuma: I am confident there will be versions 2 (re-booted), 3 (re-loaded), 4 (re-born) of this series. Like those before you, 'just keep walking your journey brother.

Author Picture
Jerry Oseni Obidike CEO Exucia Global Ventures Lagos, Nigeria

Wow your book is mind blowing!! I will advice any purposeful individual to grab a copy Of Healing Words for the Soul now.

Louie USA

I picked up this book because I wish to take my faith and spirituality to the next level by reminding myself consistently of positive scripture and positive thoughts in general. This book is perfect for me. Every day as I wake up, and before I go to sleep, I read one of the pieces from this book and instill it into my thoughts. I then challenge myself to follow this message for the rest of the day. It has helped me so much to remember the things I learn at church. The author did a wonderful job in structuring this book. Along with the passages are Bible verses and additional related quotes, which help to bring each passage enriched meaning. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to take big strides in their spiritual walk, or even to people who are not religious.

Author Picture
Tania, Professional Book Enthusiast USA

Chuma Obum's Healing Words for the Soul is a spark of insightful light in an otherwise heavily repetitive field of books. Each chapter houses a touching lyrical poem followed by a quote, Bible verse, and splendid sentences of uplifting wisdom. What spoke to me about this faith focused motivational book where the practical and common sense views of living a successful life in the glory of God through hard work, humility, and harnessing life experiences for the better. It provides not only a jolt of practical inspiration, but also a gust of spiritual enthusiasm that lightens the soul. If you want to live a more productive Christian life, then this book is a must-read.

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