The Groundbreaking New Book That Offers Simple Truths And Revelations That Can Boost Your Spirits And Help You Refocus On Your Everyday Life!

In an effort to help people overcome the daily challenges of living and staying optimistic in this increasingly complex world, Chuma Obum – a Nigerian author, publisher and entrepreneur who is committed to providing unique motivational solutions, has released a new book called S.T.A.R – Simple Truths And Revelations. The book was carefully crafted to serve as an easy quick-read resource that offers readers proactive and effective insights to stand out and shine bright in all aspects of life. If you are looking for motivational advice that will help you rise above mediocrity and perform at your peak even while on-the-go, S.T.A.R is the ideal book for you.

Inspiring, revealing, and thought provoking, S.T.A.R is a true labor of love. It took the author five years to complete, and he was inspired to write it after seeing and sensing the need to move beyond the norm of conventional wisdom that has held many of us down for many years. Chuma realized that most “Inspirational” quotes hold us back and limit our thinking as they are either outdated or lack the dynamism to provide real practical value; so he began to creatively analyze his experiences, his education, his environment, his passions, his pains, his faith, his fears, his failures and his successes to the extent where the spontaneous manifestations of his inner-self started to release seasoned and sage advice. The result of this life-changing process was uncovering motivational quotes of uncommon wisdom to deal with various challenges of daily life.

A great example is one of Chuma’s quotes, which dispels the wisdom behind the conventional belief that “Experience is the Best Teacher.” Instead, Chuma proposes a more practical alternative which states that “Experience becomes an Incompetent Teacher when it can not be recalled to resolve familiar or similar issues; rather, it is the Conscious Awareness that is awakened as a result of the lessons inherent in experiences that really empowers us with knowledge.” In another quote, he establishes the idea that “in an as much as there is no substitute for hard work, there is also no altitude like smart work, because smart work eliminates all the unnecessary hard work.”

In short, S.T.A.R effectively distills an abundance of meaningful information into short, concise pearls of wisdom that will make a substantial and positive impact on your life. Whether you need quotes to pep up your posts, articles, speeches, and letters or just to motivate yourself and others around you, S.T.A.R succinctly but creatively bridges the gap between our hectic schedules and our need for guidance, clarity, and inspiration each and every day.

S.T.A.R – Simple Truths And Revelations is a must-read book for this year and many years to come. Go grab your copy now; it’s available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple Books, Scribd, Kobo, Playster, and here on truewords.