If we spend too much time regretting some things in our past that we are not proud of, we might be held back from moving forward and aspiring to achieve better things in life. Likewise, if we keep holding on to the euphoria of happy times and victories from the past, we might become too content or complacent to strive for greater achievements in life.

However you choose to look at it, the past is a prison that you need to escape from, and the future is your only chance of freedom. I mean there is no way you can really enjoy the free rein of today if you are still captivated by yesterday. Yes you can always reflect upon, reminisce about and learn from the past, but it’s not a promising place to live in, because, whether good or bad there is absolutely nothing you can do to change and/or undo the past.

And since you can not rebuild your past, but can still build your future, stop wasting your time trying to reconstruct your past and become the architect of your future instead. In fact, if you always strive to make your today better than your yesterday, you will surely have better days ahead of you. But if you don’t leave all the anger, bitterness, resentments or past glories behind as you journey on in life with the hope of a glorious future, you will still be a prisoner of your past. So I encourage, urge and challenge you to let go of your past and let GOD take care of your future.

Go out, live again, laugh again and love again – Let go of your past!