One day while surfing the internet in search of plausible information to fuel my never ending desire to inspire people through my writings, I came across this quote by an unknown author; “people say ‘go big or go home’ as if going home is bad thing. Hell yeah I wanna go home. And i’m going to take a nap when I get there.”

Hmm! This got me thinking really deep, so I researched further and found yet another similar quote which says that; “‘go big or go home’ is a flawed argument that underestimates the dependable comforts of one’s home.”

Well, after thoughtfully considering both quotes, I came to a personal conclusion that the notion that one must ‘go big or go home’ is a motivational precept that is open to misuse and misunderstanding because it fails to consider the fact that a variety of situations and circumstances often determines the necessary adjustments and readjustments we make in life. However, ‘go big or go home’ is just another way of saying ‘what is worth doing is worth doing well,’ or, ‘come correct or don’t come at all.’

But having said this, let me quickly add that when your plans to ‘go big’ does not work out the way you planed it or hoped for, feel free to ‘go home’ and make your earnest desire for assistance known to GOD (the definition of creation and the author of creativity) in a prayerful and meditative manner. And then when you are done, take a nap to allow the spirit of creative intelligence at the core of your being, transmit the inspiration and insights you need to obtain the success you desire.

Truthfully speaking, you’ll most likely wake up refreshed with a renewed vigor to approach your plans of ‘going big’ differently and more purposefully. Moreover your chances of succeeding big time with your next attempt will be more predictable and inevitable since you are now armed with valuable and creative insights to make informed decisions. So, go on and be brave to always ‘go big’, knowing that even if you fail, you can always ‘go home’ to rework and fine-tune your plans to the point where you are able to make a bigger and better comeback.

Be Inspired, Get Motivated & Stay Encouraged!

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I’ve used Paul Walker‘s quote image courtesy of with the hope that it’ll inspire you further.