We are all products of our inner conducts; and should therefore resolve to be inwardly attentive in order to be outwardly productive.”

Do you know that you can discover your purpose in life and achieve true success just by being your real Self?

True success is about developing an identity and discovering a purpose for your life, because taking charge of yourself or developing yourself to live a relevant life leads to prosperity.
And the reason why it is very necessary for you not only to dialogue inwards but also really listen to your inner self is that every one of us is deposited with great and unique potentials with which we are expected to add value to the world in order to make our lives and existence worthwhile. There are potentials in you waiting to be unlocked, waiting to be harnessed.

The value you create with them is what makes you relevant. However, you have to discover and define your life purpose in order to properly harness the huge resources that are locked up in you. These resources are the things that will help you achieve that purpose.

Therefore, it follows to say that a life without purpose is a life without meaning and a life not worth living, because; discovering your purpose in life is the core essence of being a human being. So for you to discover your personal purpose and then achieve real success in life, you must strive diligently to uncover and unveil your hidden qualities and potentials by constantly paying close attention to your innermost self (your heart) where the spirit of truth and revelation abides.

Interestingly, self-discovery, self-awareness, self- forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-mastery, self-discipline, self-control, self-motivation, self-education, self-evaluation and examination are not only the essential components for character building and personal development, they are also the innate human elements required for the attainment of a high self-esteem and worth. In other words, if it is your desire to live a purposeful life that will make you very useful to yourself, others around you and the entire world, then you must resolve not only to be committed but to stay committed to the goals and visions you have set out to achieve in life. For in doing so, you are not in any way self-centred but rather, you are selfless, goal-centred, visionary, and properly positioned for real success. Because it is only your persistent commitment to your life purpose, goals and visions that can help you gain the kind of self-confidence and image required in becoming an exceptional individual that stands worthy of emulation.

In fact, a purposeful visionary is highly convinced that the success of his vision will be revealed to the world as long as he continues working in the company of his visions.

So he spends quality time in his self-laboratory (inner sanctuary) trying to work out the ultimate formula that will enable him turn his visions or dreams into realities. With this said; I hope you see the need to encourage and challenge yourself to dig deep within yourself in search of your personal purpose because until you discover it and commit yourself to its fulfilment, you are not really living.