There is nothing about humanity that is permanently so or constantly fixed as there is no human situation or condition of life that is not alterable, transformable or changeable with the right combination of information, faith and action. But to attract the needed change(s) upon your life, you must fully understand that the opportunities and possibilities of real change, even though plentiful, are majorly accessible by those who are humble enough not only to accept their various shortcomings, but are also open and keen to move forward in life by making positive changes with a contrite and remorseful heart.

If you accept the need for change(s) in your life, then humility should become your moral tool for personal transcendence, because, contrary to widely held notions, humility is neither naivety nor timidity, but a virtuous disposition which makes your heart contrite and remorseful enough for positive changes to occur in your life. Or, to put it in another way, our entire existence in life is subject to real change from time-to-time, and humility is that inner-quality which earnestly reveals a solemn desire to remain pliable and flexible for continuous refinement(s) and improvement(s) to keep occurring in your life until you are vastly and ultimately changed for good.

Yet, surprisingly, humility is one of the virtues of life that is so rare and difficult to come by in our daily activities. Far too many people fail to realize that the best way to seek after individual greatness or personal mastery is by having an internal sense of humility. In fact, humility is the attitudinal leverage and moral excellence which makes the difference between a ‘lifting up’ and a ‘casting down’ in any given situation or condition of life. And if indeed the opposite of humility is pride, and pride like we know, comes before a fall, then humility must surely come before a rise. Really and truly, it just makes common sense, to make humility common practice.