As you step out in search of excellence today, do not be discouraged by the obstacles that you meet along the way. But instead be encouraged with the hope that your adversities will eventually transform into opportunities; if persistently, you stay on course and keep moving forward with the determination and commitment to greatly succeed – no matter what.

And if en-route to success you come across naysayers, idlers or dream killers who are out to demoralise you and make your life bitter instead of better, keep pushing and believing in yourself nevertheless; because really and truly, no one can make you feel less confident or competent without your consent. Indeed, all you need is to have faith in your God-given ability to determine your own fate.

Also, bear in mind that success does not come to those who cower in the face of adversity, but to those who have resolved to thrive victoriously in spite of staggering oppositions. Although this expedition is a daunting ride riddled with strife, you must strive continuously and courageously to remain on the positive side of life, by refusing to compromise your individuality and integrity, as you journey past various tunnels of mediocrity – in pursuit of great success.


Always remember that fortune favors the bold and the brave!