“If truly you are a star, then you must be shinning wherever you are.”

Yes it is an absolute truth that Nigeria is currently being overwhelmed with millions of unemployed youths. But in such a dire situation where both the streets and the sidewalks are packed full with a diverse range of many young, bold and talented people competing or auditioning for the same role, what do you think will make the difference between the many that are called and the few that will be chosen?

Without any hint of doubt, those who’ll eventually break out of this unwanted condition in order to make a significant difference with their existence in life, are those who are passionately driven and determined to use their unique self disposition to stand-out from the crowd and outshine the rest, rather than fit-in or settle for less. Interestingly, this same group(s) of people will most likely be known as stars much sooner than later. Because indeed, being a star is simply a metaphor for finding fulfillment against all odds in life – by using your uniqueness to achieve excellence in any and every thing that you do.

In conclusion, just having the talent is not enough; you must make extra sacrifices to pay the price and win the ultimate prize, no matter how tough. In fact, you’ll soar from strength-to-strength until you reach the highest levels of contentment and fulfillment by deepening your commitment to fully express and utilize your God-given talent(s) as a means to shine in your chosen profession or field of work. So do your possible best to rise above mediocrity and let your talent shine not only to make your life brighter but also to energize many lives, and as a result, make the world better.