“Many Hearts whether wounded or broken can be mended or healed with well-chosen words whether written or spoken.”

Have you really thought about the power you have to either inspire or uplift yourself and others around simply by the words you use? Do you realize that words can either propel you to achieve excellence in everything that you do or hold you down from even trying anything at all?

Words – whether written or spoken – are the most powerful force on earth because not only are they the hallmark of our humanity, they are also used to create and communicate ideas that can either make or break us, both as individuals or as institutions. Indeed, words are the kindling energy that shapes our thoughts, fuels our actions and creates reactions in others. As a result of this, every word we speak or write produces an effect in the world even though we are oblivious of the positive or negative effect these words have on ourselves and the people around us.

Actually, most of us take words for granted by failing to realize that words are the most powerful tools with which we use to influence others, either negatively or positively. We do not understand that the constant usage and application of negative words lower self-esteem and destroy the joy of living; while well-chosen positive words on the other hand motivate, encourage, as well as propel us to gain greater heights in life. This is to say that nothing positive (good) can come from being negative (bad). However, for the benefit of those who may still think or feel otherwise, here is what the Bible says about the value of well-chosen words: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”- Proverbs 15:1

In light of the above, rather than use words to hurt, abuse, ridicule, distort, disrespect, misguide, demoralize, defile, curse, humiliate, damn, destroy and hate – use words to heal, praise, compliment, beautify, respect, direct, motivate, purify, bless, educate, salvage, build and love. Certainly, the result of habitually using or applying positive words in our daily interactions with one another is greatly beneficial and more pleasing to humanity; because by doing so, we can actually overcome despair with hope, hate with love, failure with success, wickedness with compassion, impurity with purity, injustice with justice, weakness with strength, division with unity, selfishness with generosity, fear with faith, corruption with integrity, war with peace, and ultimately, evil with good. Simply put, through well-chosen words, you can become a dealer of hope in a world that is filled with fear, doubt, and anxiety.

Moreover, the continued cultivation and apprehension of such a worthy aspiration is far better than just complaining about the wrong things of this World, and practically doing nothing to change them. As a matter of fact, you can become part of the solution to the problems devastating many nations by making a conscious and consistent effort to always choose your words wisely and carefully, knowing that these words will surely have a positive and lasting impact on you and the people you interact with every day. And while you are at it, do not hesitate to encourage, urge or challenge those around you to continue emulating this meaningful act until our world becomes an interwoven web of positive words. Imagine what a beautiful world it would be!

Allow me to quickly add that just as God Almighty who is the maker of all heavenly and earthly things, created us in His image and likeness with words, so too do we all possess the ability to create our world and determine our destinies with words, as well… So let your words heal and not hurt!

Let your words…

…accentuate positives

…herald truths

…spread love

…cultivate peace

…enrich lives

…uplift souls

…proffer solutions

…uphold justice

…empower people

…unite nations

…give hope

…create wealth

…apply wisdom

…share knowledge

…deploy joy

…break barriers

…exceed expectations

…open doors

…fulfill needs

…foster prosperity

…encourage patience

…exhibit courage

…embrace charity

…embody compassion

…honor humanity

…heighten happiness

…promote wellness

…express gratitude

…evoke empathy

…extol excellence

…enhance successfulness

…laud integrity

…generate ideas

…add value

…transmit courage

…preserve civilization

But most importantly, let your words praise and worship God, always.