After several years of personal experience and research on the topic of ‘successful living,’ I have come to realize and accept that there is really no reason why you should not keep your dreams alive and make the most of your existence in life. Mind you, most great accomplishments or possibilities of life that are now proven and visible were once impossibilities which only existed as imaginations or ideas in the minds of people (like you and me) who resolved in their hearts to make a positive difference with their lives here on earth. By choosing to use their minds in a more creative way to transform their own lives for good, they succeeded not only in finding great fulfillment, but in uplifting the lives of many others as well.

Interestingly, nothing in life is as uplifting and fulfilling as discovering, developing and deploying your best self to touch lives, meaningfully. So it is very necessary to constantly improve the quality of your life in ways that will benefit you and others around you. Moreover, you have an obligation to achieve greatness and contribute positively to humanity, because that’s exactly how your Maker designed your life to be. He never intended for you to live an ordinary and insignificant life, if He did; He wouldn’t have granted you the permission to subdue the earth by compelling the forces of nature to give you all that you truly and diligently ask of Him.

In short, you will get the best out of life if you put your best into life because life is simply what you make of it. And until you decide to do something meaningful and purposeful with your life, it will remain timid and boring. So I encourage, urge and challenge you to never give up your dreams of living the life that you were created to live. Because whether you do or not, the days of your life will continue to come and go until that very day when death finally arrives. This is the sad but hard truth about life, and so rather than allow your dreams for a vibrant and better life fade away, do your utmost best to become the best you can possibly be, so that you can live a significant life to the fullest… Go for it!