Love ignites with passion
And lights up more in expression

Love feeds on emotion
And grows deeper with devotion

Love gives to receive
And receives to give

Love cares to share
And shares for the sake of care

Love is always at its summit
Whether it has to admit, submit or commit,

Love is both personal and communal
But above all it’s universal

Infact Love is not only a blissful song by two lovers, it’s also a soulful chorus by all of us.

Similarly, Love is not just a passionate duet by couples in holy matrimony, it’s also a compassionate symphony by myriads of people in perfect harmony.

So we all must labor to love
In order to enjoy the favor of love

Because if for the sake of love we continually sacrifice, our destination is most certainly paradise.

Quote to Ponder

“Since our Creator is the personification of Love, it’s only on Love’s bosom that we can truly blossom.”