Simple Truths And Revelations

Most Times All It Takes To Bring Enduring Success Your Way Are Inspirational Quotes That Can Help You Boost Your Spirits And Refocus Your Life Everyday!

If you are in need of new self-motivating quotes of uncommon wisdom that will provide you with ways and means to always stand out and shine bright in your personal, professional and spiritual life each and everyday, then S.T.A.R – Simple Truths And Revelations is for you.



If thoroughly read, digested and implemented, the simple truths and revelations in this book will surely;

  • Serve as the light bulbs that brighten your way as you journey through life every day
  • Be a good pick-me-up gift when you or someone you know is in need of a lift
  • Show you the right direction when there seems to be frustration(s)
  • Give you that extra boost of hope and courage to persevere in moments of despair
  • Encourage you to keep on pursuing your life goals and chasing your dreams no matter how difficult your present situation may seem
  • Provide you with an easily accessible source of motivational information that you can either use to inspire yourself or to uplift your generation.
  • Expose you to personal (self-help), professional (business), and spiritual (religious) quotes that’ll help you to occasionally evaluate yourself, your career, and your faith to the extent where you are able to avoid several pitfalls and fallouts that has taken many people down.

In any case, whether you need quotes to pep up your posts, articles, speeches, and letters or just to motivate yourself, your loved ones and others around you, this book has the quality and ability to make you a star performer in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

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    In the 20 years that I’ve known Chuma he has been a man of very few words, but when he does speak it echoes volumes of wisdom. That wisdom has been creatively transferred into this books which pretty much has an inspirational quote for any situation life throws at you. I sincerely urge everyone to follow his works and get inspired. – Douglas Jekan, OAP at Beat FM, and Founder of http://www.thepgmclub.com

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