Families all over the world are facing a common challenge due to the fear of Corona virus. As we all know, the constituted authorities of most countries of this world (Nigeria included) has mandated that their citizens stay at home in order to control and curtail the spread of covick one nine 😀

Well in a bid to be solution oriented and not keep dwelling on the problem, my take is that this unfortunate situation can and should make you and your loved one(s) become actively and creatively engaged. Married couples for instance could really take advantage of this stay at home policy to rediscover and rekindle their love life and relationship with each other – knowing that this is a good time to bond and protect the family’s health.

Remember, family is the bedrock of society and the foundational institution for any nation. So if we must defeat this Corona virus threat, then our home fronts must be strong and well enough for the battle that lies ahead. Charity must begin from the home, and to achieve this families must unite to make selfless sacrifices for the sake of peace and love in honor of GOD and humanity.

In summary, trying times likes this has the potential to either bring people closer together in love or drive them further apart in fear. But it’s my hope and prayer that as married couples choose to say at home with their loved ones, they will make up for all those lost times when they stayed away from each other and possibly drifted apart. As you stay at home, may you not only stay safe, but also stay as one happy family – for therein lies a silver lining.

May GOD help us!

Stay Safe,
Chuma Obum.