S.T.A.R – Simple Truths And Revelations

Here you will find 365 original and inspiring quotes of uncommon wisdom that will provoke your thoughts in order to reinforce the kind of moral value(s) that will cause you to take affirmative action(s) for incremental growth each and every day of your life.

S.T.A.R in a succinct way creatively bridges the gap between the availability of time in this fast-paced world and the need for well-expressed quotes or well-chosen words to keep us upbeat and motivated for enduring success year in, and year out. If thoroughly read, digested and implemented, the simple truths and revelations in this book will surely;

  • Serve as the light bulbs that brighten your way as you journey through life every day
  • Be a good pick-me-up gift when you or someone you know is in need of a lift
  • Show you the right direction when there seems to be frustration(s)
  • Give you that extra boost of hope and courage to persevere in moments of despair
  • Encourage you to keep on pursuing your life goals and chasing your dreams no matter how difficult your present situation may seem
  • Provide you with an easily accessible source of motivational information that you can either use to inspire yourself or to uplift your generation.
  • Expose you to personal (self-help), professional (business), and spiritual (religious) quotes that’ll help you to occasionally evaluate yourself, your career, and your faith to the extent where you are able to avoid several pitfalls and fallouts that has taken many people down.

In any case, whether you need quotes to pep up your posts, articles, speeches, and letters or just to motivate yourself, your loved ones and others around you, this book has the quality and ability to make you a star performer in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.


In the 20 years that I’ve known Chuma he has been a man of very few words, but when he does speak it echoes volumes of wisdom. That wisdom has been creatively transferred into this books which pretty much has an inspirational quote for any situation life throws at you. I sincerely urge everyone to follow his works and get inspired. – Douglas Jekan, OAP at Beat FM, and Founder of www.thepgmclub.com


Healing Words For The Soul

Built upon the veracity of godly wisdom and based on various real life experiences, Healing Words for the Soul is a unique source of motivational information which provides poetic insights and inspirational quotes that will instantly encourage you to take positive actions, face your fears, live wisely, and continue on life’s journey with faith, love, and hope.

Compiled with powerful points to ponder and Bible verses to consider, this book is an absolute treasure chest of lyrical expressions and positive confessions for you to use in realizing a more meaningful life.

The profound insight, wise counsel and spiritual guidance offered in Healing Words for the Soul will certainly help you to:

  • Rise above various challenges of daily living
  • Bounce back from many kinds of setbacks
  • Obtain the simplest rudiments of true prosperity
  • Stay motivated in order to achieve different levels of success
  • Live a positive and purposeful life rich in love and compassion
  • Find either solace or courage in moments of fear and despair
  • Deepen your relationship with God in order to continually uphold godly values and virtues when reacting or responding to the inevitable ups and downs in your day-to-day life… And so much more!

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Words are powerful and play a paramount role in framing our lives. Healing words for the soul is a very unique book. It is a combination of poetry, Scriptures and healing words that present self-help strategies to successful achievements on all sides. I am fascinated by the writer’s creativity and depth in putting together such a masterpiece. My main attraction to this book is its foundation based on Scriptures. No matter where you are in life, there is a healing word for you in this book. This is not the kind you read once and drop off. This book is a journey!

  • Kelechi Anyalechi, Certified Life & Peak Performance Coach and Best-Selling Author of Five Books, kelechianyalechi.com

Inspirational Mp3 Description

Based on inspirational poems from the book Healing Words for the Soul, this gracefully inspiring album has been thoughtfully and carefully arranged by Chuma Obum (the author) to enlighten, entertain and empower you greatly.

Whether you are looking for healing sounds that will help you ease you mind of all its worries, or for inspirational tunes that will lend wings to your spirit and then enable you soar above though situations in life, this album provides a wealth of lyrical expressions and positive confessions that motivates or encourages you to continue on life’s journey with hope and faith.

So listen, refresh and renew your-self for the days, weeks, months and years ahead…Enjoy!

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God will surely shine His light on your talent because you are truly a sage of simple truths and the don of wise words. Your inspirational tunes and messages are very deep and thought provoking. I should listen to you every morning to give me the “get up and go” I need for the day.

  • Mary T. Umolu, Founder & Creative Director of Onikeke.com, and IT Consultant at the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Framed Inspirations’ Description

This framed inspirational prints combines contemplative quotes of wisdom with thought-provoking images that will instantly motivate you to live wisely and create a more fulfilling life.

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Has anyone ever told you that you are the BEST?! You have no idea who much I look forward to reading your motivational quotes; they not only give out great tips that I never knew before nor did anyone ever tell me about, but they also pump my motivation to a level that I never imagined it would go! Thank you so much for everything.

  • Lee-ann Govender – Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg.